Training is provided as a part of the purchase of Aeromaster Equipment. We train our clients in the best methods for converting agricultural waste and organic matter into highly effective Humus Compost™.

Upon purchasing Aeromaster Composting and Tea Extraction
Equipment clients receive:

YLAD Living Compost Support Program – Great Value at $10,000

• Private visit to YLAD Living Composts site at Young

• Compiling (2) windrow recipes with available feedstocks – per windrow and the total annual quantity of feedstocks to be composted

• Compost Recipe Disk (valued at $500) with assistance to prepare your own compost recipes featuring over 300 feedstock values

• Compilation of a ‘goodfaith’ feasibility study showing cost of production per tonne of compost as well as five year income and expenses

• All inclusive cost of travel and accommodation for one person for one day to assemble compost turner and construct partial windrow to check turner operation and watering system.

• Unlimited phone support with YLAD Living Compost for 3 months

• Spare parts on hand in Australia

• Site design and assistance with EPA and Council regulations

• Advice on tractor requirements

Ability to attend Advanced Composting Systems Workshop in Australia at cost providing:

• Windrow building
• Compost turning
• Watering and microbial inoculation techniques
• Use of compost process monitoring instruments
• Troubleshooting
• Tips on increasing compost quality without increasing cost
• Determining the value of compost
• Marketing your product

It is the combination of classroom instruction and compost site work that make the ACS Compost Workshops an effective way for you to get started or improve your existing operations. Learn about compost-based solutions for your municipal green waste, animal manure, or food processing residual management problems. Interact with experienced composters at the Advanced Composting System 3-Day Workshop.