Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System – TE 500

Tea Extraction is a process of liquefying Humus Compost
The Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System is a high production compost tea process. The basic principle of the extraction system is to extract soluble minerals, humus and microbiology from humus compost.
This unit has the ability to produce 50,000 litres per day of extracted tea which remains viable for up to two weeks or until activated with ActPak.

Tea Extractor Description

• The Extractor consists of a round tank that has a large round screen in it and the opening at the top of the tank exposes the inside of the large round screen.

• It has an air compressor pump, discharge water pump and a dump valve.

• There is an air compartment attached to the bottom of the tank that blows air up through small holes in the bottom of the tank. This is why air is always first turned on and lastly turned off in order to keep the water and sludge residue from entering the air compartment.

• The outlet for draining out the extracted tea is strategically mounted approximately 45 cm from the bottom of the tank. The reason for this is to capture the un-dissolved compost residue in the tank.

• 37.5 kg of compost will produce 1000 litres of extracted tea.

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