Advanced Composting Systems Workshops include:

• Windrow building
• Compost turning
• Watering and microbial inoculation techniques
• Use of compost process monitoring instruments
• Troubleshooting
• Tips on increasing compost quality without increasing cost
• Determining the value of compost
• Marketing your product



It is the combination of classroom instruction and compost site work that make the ACS Compost Workshops an effective way for you to get started or improve your existing operations. Learn about compost-based solutions for your municipal green waste, animal manure, or food processing residual management problems. Interact with experienced composters at the Advanced Composting System 3-Day Workshop.

The Advanced Composting System (ACS) is a complete systematic approach to the production of high-quality Humus Compost which enables you to add significant value to the soil.

The ACS Compost Workshops provide an in-depth overview of the science behind compost production as well as practical tips for implementations.

The Aeromaster line of compost turning equipment, coupled with the Advanced Composting (ACS) methodology and supporting microbial inoculants provide compost producers a means to consistently produce high value Humus Compost


• Improve soil health and fertility

• Improve microbial diversity of beneficial species

• Increase crop yield and quality

• Enhance plant health and animal health