YLAD Living Compost is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Midwest Bio-System’s Aeromaster Composting Equipment, a system designed to convert waste residues into high quality humus compost.

With YLAD Living Soils firmly established as a major supplier of biological fertilisers and services since 2002, Bill and Rhonda Daly of Young NSW introduced Humus Compost Technology into Australia in 2006 after attending Midwest Bio-System’s Advanced Composting System Workshop in Ocala Florida in 2005.

Rhonda recognised that Humus Compost was a natural fertiliser that addressed the physical and biological aspects of soil fertility in addition to the chemical aspect and how this would greatly benefit Australian agriculture from a "soil-plant" point-of-view.

The Aeromaster line of compost turning equipment coupled with the Advanced Composting System (ACS) methodology and supporting microbial inoculants provide compost producers a means to consistently produce high value, high quality humus compost.

YLAD Living Compost ran the first ACS workshop in 2006 where Edwin J Blosser of Midwest Bio-systems, world recognised authority on Humus Compost, educated participants on the science and production of Humus Compost and the Use and Value of Humus in agriculture.

YLAD Living Compost have now sold and set up 53 Composting systems throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as educating thousands of people on value of high quality humus compost in food production.

Our products and services are ideal for use in the following areas:

• Recycled Organics and Waste Management
• Agriculture
• Feedlots
• Councils
• Abattoirs
• Or anyone who would like to convert waste residues into high quality humus compost

YLAD Living Compost is the connective link between converting waste residues into high quality humus compost and agriculture and food production using Advanced Humus Technology™